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Our financing sources

The Association Vittorio Chizzolini self finances through associative fees, contributions of authorities and associations, and 5×1000 funds.
The Association  disposes of a seat at San Vincenzo Patronage in Bergamo, has no salaried staff and no administration costs as  everything  keeps going on associates’ voluntary work. Therefore all  amounts collected  are devolved  to projects.

Donations and deposits

The Association is an Onlus (non-profit organization) and therefore all donations done through payments on the current account, are deductible from IRPEF (physical persons income tax) and IRES (companies’ income tax) within the limits and formalities of current norms.

All people wishing to support the activities of the Association  can make a payment, through bank transfer, on acc n. 60000 entitled to the Association, at Banco di Brescia, filiale Bergamo 2, via Camozzi 101, Bergamo.

IBAN: IT 20 J 03500 11102 000000060000

Associazione Vittorino Chizzolini Cooperazione Internazionale – ONLUS