Vittorino Chizzolini


A concise biography (1907-1984)

1907: Vittorino Chizzolini is born in Brescia on January 3rd.

1925: He obtains the teaching qualification.

1926-27: He enrolls at the Higher Institute of teaching “Maria Immacolata” in Milan and in the academic year 1930-31 he graduates in philosophy and pedagogy, with a thesis on “The problem of the existence of God in philosophical modernism “. He also attends the Higher Institute of Natural Sciences in Bergamo.
During the school year 1925-26 he receives his first teaching assignment in the elementary school Nicolini of Brescia.

1936: He leaves the teaching profession and, being called by Bishop Zammarchi, he devotes himself in the editorial activity at the publishing house “Editrice La Scuola”, where he was already collaborating for some years, on invitation of Don Peppino Tedeschi.

1942: He is part of the group of promoters of “Pedagogium”, a pedagogical institute for the training of teachers founded jointly by Editrice La Scuola and the Catholic University.
During the Second World War he is Headmaster of the Institute of Sisters Ursulines in Brescia, where he animates several training, charitable and assistance activities.

1948: He participates in the constitution of the group “experimenters teachers of Pietralba”, place in the Dolomites that up to 1973 will seat meetings of sharing and analysis among pedagogy scholars and teachers.

1950: He plays an active role in the foundation of the National didactic center for kindergarten in Brescia.

1954: In Montevelo, he promotes the first of several summer conferences for the support of students and graduates of teaching institutes.

1957: Together with Monsignor Angelo Zammarchi he establishes the Foundation “Giuseppe Tovini.”

1957-58: At the rectory of San Faustino, he hosts students coming from all over Italy, in order to allow them to attend the teaching institute. The group will be expanded in the following years thanks to new admissions up to reaching fifty members.

1958: After Monsignor Zammarchi’s death he becomes director of the journal “Scuola Italiana Moderna”.

1965: He helps to establish in Brescia the Faculty of Teaching at the Catholic University. He founds the University Family “Card. Giulio Bevilacqua – Emiliano Rinaldini”.

1965-75: He promotes several visits to schools and institutions for people with physical and mental disabilities in Italy and abroad.

1984: May 24. He dies in Brescia where is buried in the church of San Luca.

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